Students learning from a shaliach in the field

During the course of their training in the Beren-Amiel and Straus-Amiel programs, students are prepared for shlichut in rabbinical and educational positions around the world. In addition to classes which provide them with practical, formal, informal and technological tools for conveying their message, students are also visited by shlichim who have returned or who are currently in the field so they can get a firsthand glimpse at what awaits them once they embark upon their emissary work. 

This week, Rabbi David Ben Chlouch addressed the shlichim-in-training. Currently serving as the rabbi of Sephardi Hebrew Congregation in Cape Town, the Straus-Amiel alumnus spoke to the students about the importance of interpersonal relations and the pastoral aspects of a rabbi’s job. Rabbi Ben Chlouch shared that the rabbi’s position comprises more than merely being a religious figurehead, but also involves serving as a mentor.



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