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Twelfth graders at OTS’s Neveh Channah High School for Girls in Memory of Anna Ehrman invested a tremendous amount of time, energy and love in an effort to fill the hearts and stomachs of the IDF soldiers protecting us – they sent just over 500 (!) meals to bases all over the country, from the northern border to within the Gaza strip.

The initiative was dedicated to the memory of Eitan Dishon z”l, the cousin of 12th grader Eden and an alumnus of OTS who fell in battle in Gaza, and included huge amounts of authentic couscous, 50 kg of meatballs, salad, green beans and mushrooms, and pampering individualized desserts.

According to responses received, the soldiers in the field were energized by the girls’ incredible outpouring of concern and warmth.

Together, with wholehearted mobilization and unity, we will prevail!


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