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Robert M. Beren Yeshivat Hesder Machanaim is a family!

The past few weeks have seen a number of IDF ceremonies, and the yeshiva’s staff made sure to support and encourage its student-soldiers. First there was the Nahal brigade’s swearing-in ceremony, followed by the swearing in of the paratroopers at the Kotel. The teachers then made their way to the Nahal tekes kumta (the ceremony in which they received their unit’s beret); marched with the Givati soldiers for part of their masa kumta (the rigorous march preceding the receipt of the beret and marking the end of their training); and met up with their students serving in the armored corps in Latrun for their end-of-training ceremony.

We are so proud of our brave soldiers and officers from Machanaim (and all our hesder yeshivot and midrashot!), and we are grateful to them for their service. May they be kept safe and strong!



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