A Thousand Words – October 14, 2019
Boys from the Ramot school building sukkot for neighboring senior center

Students from the Jacob Sapirstein Junior High and High School in Ramot, Jerusalem spent the day prior to the Festival of Sukkot helping out their neighbors. 

In conjunction with the city’s welfare department, upperclassmen went to various locations throughout the community to help elderly or infirm residents build a sukka. “It’s such a great feeling to do something good for someone else,” summed up one of the 10th graders. 

Meanwhile, the junior high students (pictured) set out to the adjacent senior adult living facility, tool-kits and palm fronds in hand. After building a beautiful sukka for the center’s residents, they were treated to snacks while they lingered a few hours longer to talk and play board games with the center’s residents. 



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