A Thousand Words – September 16, 2019
Avigayle Adler

Art educator Avigayle Adler joined the 7th OTS Amiel BaKehila delegation to Cherry Hill NJ, Wilkes-Barre and Scranton, PA and Charleston, SC last week representing the state of Israel in general, and Israeli art and Jewish culture in particular, on behalf of Ohr Torah Stone and the Israeli Ministry of Diaspora Affairs.

Adler and her co-delegates met with and inspired Jews of all ages and backgrounds, from kindergarteners to young couples on ‘date nights’; from yuppies to senior adults. “I had my oldest student ever,” shares Adler. “At the age of 96, she and her entire peer group created Sukkah decorations, taking inspiration from Jewish papercutting and wood-staining techniques.” 

The junior set (pictured) also caught Adler’s enthusiasm for art as they prepared Jewish decorations for their homes. She explained to them which Hebrew blessings are especially appropriate for their homes, including “let there be no despair” and “may there be only joy and peace in this house.” 

“Everyone’s an artist,” Adler says. “The problem is, as we grow up, sometimes we forget.”


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