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Opening the year with an open heart! ❤️

The programs run by OTS’s Monique and Mordecai Katz Yachad Program for Jewish Identity always excite and inspire us as they create connections and strong bonds between various segments of Israeli society, strengthening and uniting Jewish communities across the country.

But we were especially moved by a project that took place in Ashkelon just a few days before Rosh Hashanah, where the local Yachad coordinator, together with a group of local youth volunteers, travelled from house to house in order to warm the hearts of the city’s elderly residents who would be confined to their homes over the festival.

“We came equipped with packages of food, sweets and entertainment – and a lot of energy and enthusiasm,” relates Ilan Ivgy, the Yachad program’s Ashkelon coordinator. “There are no words that can describe the excitement that gripped those we visited. Some of them were moved to tears at the sight of the youth dancing and singing around them and giving them gift packages. The youth also came away moved by the idea of contributing, and they left with a significant educational charge that will accompany them for a long time.”

What a beautiful and special way to start the year!



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