A Thousand Words – September 19, 2022

Once a shaliach – always a shaliach! 💪

“Last week, our daughter Reishit Geula, celebrated her Bat Mitzvah. She chose to mark her entry into mitzvot and adulthood through an event that will not be forgotten: welcoming new immigrants at Ben Gurion airport in Israel! 🇮🇱

Reishit Geula prepared gift sets for each family, her friends gathered together with her to make posters and banners, and together we went to welcome the immigrants. With joy, with excitement and with tears of astonishment at the huge step that these individuals were making – both on a private level and on a national level.

It was a huge privilege that our daughter chose to continue the spirit of shlichut in which she grew up.”

Hadar and Moshe Nachman – former shlichim in Omaha, Nebraska from OTS’s Beren-Amiel Emissary Training Institute who currently live in Jaffa.


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