A Thousand Words – September 23, 2019
Yachad shofar blowing contest
Over the month of Elul, the Yachad Program for Jewish Identity‘s 48 coordinators ran creative programming across the country, designed to introduce thousands of Israelis of all ages to the symbols and traditions of Rosh Hashana.
Yachad Coordinator Evyatar Gil in Rishon Lezion initiated a shofar blowing contest during the “opening the school year” happening with points and prizes for kids based on blowing shofar and answering questions.
“The key to blowing the shofar,” he counseled contestants, “is not just the way you move the air through the horn’s aperture, or the way you use your fingers to control the opening and gain a wider spectrum of sounds. The real key is to remember that you are blowing an ancient musical instrument mentioned in the Torah, the same instrument that our people have been blowing for 2000 years,” he shared. “You are an important part of a long chain.”


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