M receives the get

Just one day before Rosh Hashanah, M finally received her get – after 13 years!

When the writ of divorce was finally written a few days ago in New York,  Yad La’isha: The Monica Dennis Goldberg Legal Aid Center decided to make every effort to ensure it arrived in Israel in time to be delivered to their client before the holiday.

The internet worked its magic, and just a few minutes after sending a request for a courier to a relevant WhatsApp group, they were already inundated with offers from people who wanted to help — including the wonderful Isaac, who promised that he would do anything to make sure that the divorce would arrive on time, because one must do everything possible to release an aguna.

And it’s a good thing that everyone moved swiftly; just hours after Isaac picked up the get, hurricane Ida arrived, and the streets of New York were flooded with rivers of water – including the apartment in which the get was located. “It was a miracle that we picked up the envelope before the storm,” said Isaac, ” otherwise who knows if it would not have been washed away in the floods…”

So congratulations to M as she embarks upon a new year and a new life! May the coming year be one of happy beginnings and good news for all of the women all over the world who are still being denied their freedom.



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