Eliran Shebo putting up mezuza in Athens Sept 2020
Rabbi Eliran Shabo and his wife Ayalah are the very first OTS family of shlichim to be allowed to enter their desitnation country – in this case, Greece. Unfortunately, other graduates of the Beren-Amiel and Straus-Amiel training programs are still in limbo as they await permission to take up their new positions. Since many of these couples have already left their jobs and even given up their apartments, OTS has been assisting them and even providing some with accommodation on the Beren campus.
“It has been a week since we arrived at Athens, and what a week it was!
We were warmly welcomed at the synagogue by the Rabbi of Athens Gabriel Negrin and the staff of the community offices. Rabbi Negrin shed some light on the fascinating history of the Jewish community of Athens and its traditions.
Rivkah Carl has been showing us around the city and helping us settle in, and Iakovos Atoun has done a lot as well to make sure we are comfortable and welcome in our new home. Thank you to you all!
As we prepare for Yamim Noraim here in Athens, we look forward to meeting the rest of the community members and wish everyone a Shana Tova!”



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