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“Accomplices to Crime”

by Moriah Dayan 20/3/2016

The uniqueness of a groundbreaking decision handed down by the Tel Aviv Rabbinical Court on Monday lies in the object of the ruling: the father of a sarvan get – a man who is cruelly refusing to provide his wife with a Jewish writ of divorce – has been sentenced to 30 days in prison. Yes, the father of the husband, as opposed to the recalcitrant husband himself.

Ten years of aginut provide the backdrop for this ruling.

An entire decade in which a woman has been condemned to live as a prisoner, bound inextricably to a marriage from which she wanted to be released, in which the key to her chains was held by two hands – one belonging to her husband, and the other to her husband’s father.

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The author is a rabbinical court advocate and attorney at Yad L’isha – the Monica Dennis Goldberg Legal Aid Center and Hotline, which represented the woman in this case


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