According to Halacha: Completely Equal


According to Halacha: Completely Equal

by Osnat Sharon 14/1/2016

Together with the great joy that accompanied the news of the High Court decision to order the State to formulate regulations that will allow women to submit their candidacy to serve as Director of the Rabbinical Courts, I also felt anger and disappointment. 

Osnat Sharon

This is because my heart aches for the State of Israel in 2016, in which it was necessary to appeal to the Supreme Court to open the doors of this tender to women, rather than this decision growing from within, from the system itself. A system which seems, unfortunately, to rest on its laurels, fixed in its position and blind to the fact that the world is changing, progressing and developing.

As an Orthodox woman, there are observances and activities that are prohibited to me. I cannot complete a minyan, nor can I be called to bless the Torah. I believe the Torah and Halacha do not allow me this, and as an Orthodox woman I can only accept it humbly and with love. However, I refuse to accept a reality in which there are those who want to close the doors which are left wide open to women according to Halachic law.  Click to read more…

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