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“Aguna Freed After 14 Years of Suffering”

Covert plot involved fraudulent passports, private detectives, a safe house and widespread bureaucratic cooperation.

by Jeremy Sharon

Click here to read the English-language article detailing the fascinating story of H, a Yad L’isha client who was finally freed after 14 years of being denied a ‘get’ by her husband, who remained in Iran.

Ohr Torah Stone is proud of the women advocates staffing its Yad L’isha: The Monica Dennis Goldberg Legal Aid Center and Hotline for their extraordinary professionalism, compassion and dedication to all of their clients. In this case, Yad L’isha not only represented the woman and notified the Rabbinical Court’s Department for Agunot, but Ohr Torah Stone actually located and paid for her “safe apartment.”
We are gratified that H has been given the opportunity to celebrate the upcoming Chag HaCherut – Pesach, the Festival of Freedom – in true freedom, without chains.
(The Hebrew article can be read on Arutz 7 online news)


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