All in the Family

All in the Family

OTS high schools recognized for outstanding achievements in film and communications

Being recognized for one’s achievements, talents and hard work is a wonderful feeling, and it’s even more wonderful when family members can celebrate together. 

That’s what happened yesterday at the Ministry of Education’s national-religious stream’s “Young Creatives” awards for works from communications and film tracks throughout the country. Of 12 finalist feature films, three were from the OTS family: “A Part of Me,” submitted by the OTS Neveh Shmuel film department; “At the mouth of the volcano,” and “The suitcase,” both submitted by OTS’s Oriya High School for Girls.  

And the OTS teams swept the awards ceremonies!  Oriya’s Ann Belsky Moranis Film Track was awarded the prestigious national prize for Outstanding Educational Track in Film, in recognition of their “extraordinary creative achievements in recent years, as  noted itneh students’ final projects which reflect principles of filmmaking and a great investment in production and creativity.” The judges made special mention of the film track’s  teachers, who “make great efforts to promote their students’ knowledge, works and creativity.”

In addition, Oriya’s  “At the mouth of the volcano” took third place in the feature film category, and “The suitcase” won first place for cinematography. 

Meanwhile, Neveh Shmuel’s “Part of me” walked away with second place in the feature film category, and was also overwhelmingly voted Audience Favorite.




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