am yisrael chai sarona
Am Yisrael Chai!
Following last night’s terror attack by Palestinian gunmen, which killed four Israelis and wounded six, tens of young people from the Tel Aviv region came to the Sarona Market complex this morning to show support for the shopkeepers and lift the nation’s spirits.
Among them was a group from Bat Yam who participate in a weekly dialogue group under the auspices of OTS’s Yachad Program.
Roi Peretz, Yachad’s Jewish Cultural Facilitator in Bat Yam, explains, “I run a weekly group for teens from all the various streams and youth groups to discuss their various philosophies and outlooks, followed by music, dancing and good food,” he relates. “As a center for Jewish identity which holds aloft the banner of tolerance and solidarity, we felt that Sarona was our appropriate meeting place today, to be there, all together, one for another. We took all of the sadness and went to a place where we all shared the same feelings…. We came with a strong urge to support and strengthen, but – of course – we all came out of there strengthened.”
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