Chani Houri accepting OscarHats off to Chani Houri, administrative manager of the OTS Jacob Sapirstein High School for Boys in Ramot, Jerusalem, on winning an “Education Oscar” from the Jerusalem Municipality’s Education Department!

Chani is an admirable educational role model. With infinite devotion, she takes care of everything that is needed, including items not even within her sphere of responsibility. And she does all this in the warmest, most caring and heartfelt manner.

Students in OTS’s six high schools regularly win prizes in academic, sports, artistic and social spheres, and OTS schools have garnered awards for excellence, values, IDF recruitment rates and absorption – to name just a few from the last several months.  But this was the first year that the Municipality has held an Oscars ceremony and we’re thrilled by our first win… even though we know that everyone on the OTS staff is a winner!



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