“Being Normal” – New Audio Series from Rabbi Yehoshua Grunstein

grunstein“Being Normal” – Audio Series by Rabbi Yehoshua Grunstein,

Director of Training and Placement of OTS rabbinical and educational emissaries

Shiur #1: “First Impressions”



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Parshat Noah 5774 – Rabbi Riskin (text)

Shabbat Shalom: Parshat Noah (Genesis 6:9-11:32) Efrat, Israel – “I have set My bow in the clouds, and it shall serve as a sign of the covenant between Me and the earth” (Genesis 9:13) The rainbow is the symbol of the very first covenant entered into by G-d. It is the sign of G-d’s covenant …

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Defense Minister hosts Hadas (Hebrew press)

Defense Minister Yaalon with Hadas Students

Defense Minister Bogie Yaalon hosted student-soldiers from Midreshet Lindenbaum‘s Hadas Women’s Hesder program on On Sukkot 5774 / 2013. Read the reports in the Israeli press (Hebrew):   * השר יעלון ארח צעירים לפני גיוס בסוכתו – חדשות ערוץ 7 * שר הביטחון בוגי יעלון בארוע הוקרה למדרשת לינדנבאום לבנות. עוד ציין השר: “לא נרגע עד שנניח ידנו על …

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Shmini Atzeret 5774 – Rabbi Riskin (text)

Rabbi Shlomo Riskin

Shabbat Shalom: Parshat Bereishit (Genesis 1:1-6:8) Efrat, Israel – “In the Beginning G-d created the heavens and the earth… Let us make the human being in our image and after our likeness.”  Why did G-d create the world? If G-d is the All-in-All and perfectly sufficient within Himself, why the necessity for a world? And …

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Sukkot 5774 – Rabbi Riskin (text)

Shabbat Shalom: The Festival of Sukkot Efrat, Israel – “You shall dwell in booths for seven days… So that your generations will know that I caused the children of Israel to dwell in booths when I took them out of the land of Egypt…” (Leviticus 23:42-43) Why do we sit in the sukkah for seven …

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Rabbi Riskin's Teshuva Drasha 5774

Rabbi Shlomo Riskin speaking

“The Call of the Shofar: Its Meaning in a World of Tragedy” A Tribute to My Revered Rebbe, Rav Soloveitchik, zt”l   Listen now… [audio width=”700″][audio_source format=”mpeg” src=”https://ots.org.il/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Shabbat-Shuva-2013.mp3“][/audio_source][/audio] …or download to your computer to listen later

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