Rabbi David Benchelouche is a graduate of OTS’s Straus Amiel and Maarava programs; his wife, Tirtza, an alumna of the Claudia Cohen Women Educators Institute.
A few months ago they took up a position as Rabbinic couple at the Sephardi Hebrew Congregation, Cape Town, South Africa, and since their arrival, communal programming hasn’t stopped!
The latest event was a Challah Bake – Jewish Baking with a Twist (pun intended).
The tables were set with all the ingredients and necessary tools, and together, under Tirtza’s guidance,  the women of the community went through an inspirational baking session. As each ingredient was added, the bakers recited a special prayer that spoke of the spiritual elements of that ingredient, and how they hope these elements will have a meaningful impact on their lives.
When the time came to say the blessing for taking the challah, Rebbetzin Tirtza gave each woman a moment to reflect and say their own personal prayer for themselves, their homes and families.



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