IN MEMORIAM: Mr. Marcel Lindenbaum

Baruch Dayan HaEmet Marcel Lindenbaum zlOhr Torah Stone mourns the passing of Marcel Lindenbaum, z”l, our longtime supporter, board member, and true friend.

A man of elegance, grace, modesty and deep integrity, Marcel was a visionary leader whose convictions changed the course of Modern Orthodox history. Together with his life partner – Belda Kaufman Lindenbaum z”l –  Marcel was a fervent proponent of Modern Orthodoxy in its truest sense; an inspired advocate of compassion and justice; and a trailblazing, passionate believer in women’s Torah scholarship and leadership.

OTS has been blessed by Marcel’s guidance and partnership for over three decades. In particular, the establishment and expansion of our Midreshet Lindenbaum College for Women, which continues to forge groundbreaking paths for Modern Orthodox women all over the world, will forever bear testament to Marcel and Belda’s pioneering foresight.

We embrace and extend our deepest condolences to the entire Lindenbaum family: Nathan and Shari Lindenbaum, Bennett and Rebecca Lindenbaum, Matthew and Ray Lindenbaum, Victoria and Ben Feder, Abigail and Shai Tambor, and all of your children.  May you always find comfort in the knowledge that Jewish religious leadership is far richer and more just and meaningful because of the revolution that he and your beloved mother, of blessed memory, have wrought.

Yehi Zichro Livracha – May his memory be a blessing.


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