“We are closing the circle”

“We are closing the circle,” Rabbi Kenneth Brander told Attila Somfalvi in the Ynet news studio on Thursday morning, as he shared the “story of the suitcase” – the history behind the 7 lb. case which made aliya along with the Brander family last Wednesday.

Somfalvi displayed the heavy suitcase on the news desk as Rabbi Brander related how his father, Rabbi Aaron Brander, moved from the Ulm Sedan Kaserne Displaced Persons Camp to the United States 70 years ago, with all of his belongings packed into this one US-army issue suitcase, made of light green metal.

Rabbi Brander brought the suitcase with him as he, his wife Ruchie and their youngest son, Yitzchak, came to Israel, where Rabbi Brander has taken the reins from Rabbi Shlomo Riskin as the President and Rosh Yeshiva of Ohr Torah Stone, “where we will continue to do wonderful things for Israeli society and the world,” he said. 

“My son made aliya and served as a lone soldier in Golani – he’s a ‘golanchik’ – and another son already came with my daughter-in-law to Israel, where our first grandchild was born…” continued Rabbi Brander. “This means that after so many years, we are closing the circle…”

“… and you are coming home,” Somfalvi interjected. “With the suitcase.”

Watch the interview (in Hebrew):


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