On the third night of Chanukah 5778, students in Yeshivat Hesder Machanaim, Named in Memory of Joseph and Leila Applebaum were joined by their mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers for an enlightening evening of study with Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Shlomo Vilk and yeshiva faculty in the Israel Henry Beren Beit Midrash. The subject of the evening’s learning was the obligation of women to light Chanukah candles – as had been customary in Jewish communities around the world until recent times – and the reasons certain halakhic authorities of the past few generations had recommended against it. Parents also met with their sons’ teachers, who expounded on the yeshiva’s philosophy and mapped the progress of the past several months. The evening ended with a festive holiday meal.

The night before, students enjoyed joint candlelighting followed by a Chanuka quiz based on the Talmudic sources.

Below are some photos of the events, both of which were truly beautiful, enlightening and inspiring.


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