OTS Annual Dinner

The 2023 Annual Dinner, which was postponed following the outbreak of war in Israel, has a new date: February 21, 2024. Click for more information, to RSVP or to place a journal ad.

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A Night of Unity and Solidarity

Watch the worldwide “Night of Unity and Solidarity for Israel” that took place on Wednesday November 15, 2023.

Be inspired by bereaved OTS families, OTS shlichim around the world, evacuees hosted by OTS, OTS soldiers in the IDF, and more.

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"Tonight We Don't Learn Torah" 5782

“Tonight We Don’t Learn Torah” 5782

“Tonight, We Don’t Learn Torah” panels are taking place in 18 locations throughout Israel, including this one, in English, in Raanana. This year’s national theme is: “Areivim ze bazeh – responsible for one another!?”

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Tonight, We Don’t Learn Torah

  Tonight, We Don’t Learn Torah “On Tisha B’Av we are compelled to rise above any division and debate and to remember that we have a common purpose” In recent years, the “Tonight, We Don’t Learn Torah” Tisha B’Av programs

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