First of Its Kind: A New Paradigm for Appreciating Other Faith Systems, Based on Our Ancient Sources

The very first compilation of halakhic and philosophical research conducted in OTS’s Beit Midrash for Judaism and Humanity has just been released by Koren Publishers.

Co-authored by Beit Midrash director Rabbi Dr. Yakov Nagen and two Beit Midrash fellows – Rabbi Sarel Rosenblatt and Dr. Assaf Malach – and with a introduction by Rabbi Dr. Kenneth Brander, the book “And His Name is One: Healing Judaism’s Relations with World Religions” is the first of its kind, comprised of instructive essays on the way in which Torah Judaism views world religions and addressing how that perspective can serve as a stepping stone toward healing, as part of the redemption process.

The book was sponsored by Danielle and Jeffrey Wild and family, and dedicated in memory of Stewart Harris, a great community leader, strategic thinker and family man.

Although the book is currently being translated into English, we are delighted to share one article, “Sharing Torah with the World: The Jewish People’s Responsibility to Non-Jews,” which the Tradition Journal’s Summer 2022 edition printed and graciously opened for access on their site. The article explores the prophetic vision of connecting between all nations in light of the Talmudic prohibition against a non-Jew studying Torah.

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