For the First Time: An Ulpana in the Championships

For the First Time: An Ulpana in the Championships

The Gymnasia Ivrit Herzlia faces off against Ulpanat Oriya from Ohr Torah Stone, in the first time a religious school reaches this level. The game will be broadcast on ONE at 11 am

10 December, 2019 |  ONE Sport

This morning (Tuesday), the final of the High School Futsal Championship games will take place between the Gymnasia Ivrit Herzlia High School and Ohr Torah Stone’s Ulpanat Oriya. The game will be aired on the ONE Sports Channel at 11 am. What makes this game interesting is that it is the very first time that any religious high school has ever reached the finals in the high school futsal championship league.

Ulpanat Oriya, part of the Ohr Torah Stone educational network, accepts students from the Efrat and Gush Etzion area.  The idea for a futsal team came from Ori Aharoni, an 11th grade student who played in the Soccer Academy at Wingate Institute.  Aharoni and the other girls at Oriya have been playing together from a very early age and they decided to take on the challenge of playing in the national high school league championship. 

The high school, and especially the physical education teacher Racheli Komar-Aziz , went along with the challenge and supported the girls in full.  The Oriya principal met with Rabbi Kenneth Brander, President and Rosh HaYeshiva of the Ohr Torah Stone network, who also expressed his unfailing support for the girls out of the belief that modern orthodoxy combines a life of Torah with full participation in the world of sport and culture.

With this backing, the team became a place for the girls to do what they love, and in addition, it was a way of involving other girls in roles such as team manager, uniform manager and more.  Team coach Racheli Komar-Aziz: “The great thing about Oriya is that there is a place for every single girl – for those who want to play and those who are less interested in playing.  The fact that the girls want to play on the team does not make them less religious; the religious world allows us to develop in different and varied directions.”

In the finals, Oriya will face off against Gymnasia Ivrit Herzliya, who have not lost a single game in the national tournament and in addition their team beat Oriya 5:9  in the playoffs last week.  Herzliya’s coach, William Phanos: “The previous game against Oriya was a very close one. They are a very good team, and of course it will be very difficult to beat the same team twice in one week.”

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