Join Rabbi Shlomo Riskin on a Once-in-a-Lifetime Journey

Steeped in rich history and a painful past, Germany invokes very strong emotions. It is not only the symbol of the darkest annals of our history, it is also the birthplace of Ashkenazi Judaism. Torah study is not complete without the commentaries Rashi wrote in Worms. Similarly, domestic Jewish life was forever changed by the decrees Rabbeinu Gershom outlined in Mainz. Heritage sites and landmarks simultaneously pay tribute to strong Jewish roots and the worst anti-Semitism the world has ever known.
Today, a Jewish renaissance is taking place throughout Germany in defiance of Hitler and contrary to common sense. The third largest Jewish community in Europe is rising from the ashes. Join Rabbi Riskin on this once-in-a-lifetime journey through the complex history of the German Jewish community and witness the extraordinary impact OTS graduates are having in its rejuvenation.

Germany to Israel│ May 19-28, 2014 │ Highlights

Rich Roots and Revival

Visit Germany’s famous landmarks and historic sites with Rabbi Riskin, top historians and tour guides. Pay tribute to the 11 Israeli athletes murdered in Munich in 1972; make an unforgettable visit to Dachau. Explore Mainz, home of the Gutenberg Press, the world’s first printing press, which revolutionized Jewish learning for the People of the Book. Visit the graves of great Jewish thinkers and explore the old Jewish Quarter in Frankfurt. Step into Berlin, the center of what was once the symbol of German oppression, which now stands as a beacon of hope for German Jewry.  Meet with OTS rabbis and educators and learn about their important work bringing the light of Torah to Jews across Germany.

Welcome Home

A trip this emotionally-charged can only culminate one way: in the Jewish homeland.  Bridge all you experienced in Germany with the embodiment of Jewish resilience. Discover a country at the pinnacle of the Zionist season, awash in blue and white. Let OTS’ world-renowned educators take you on an inspirational tour in the path of the Torah and walk in the footsteps of Jewish heroes. Meet Israel’s policymakers and discuss security issues with top IDF brass, including the architect of the Security Fence. See a whole different side of Tel Aviv. Experience an enchanting Shabbat in the Holy City with Rabbi Riskin and mark the 47th anniversary of Jerusalem’s unification in the city itself. Be part of the celebration of our collective achievement at a special 30th anniversary gala. 
Option to participate in full trip, or Germany or Israel portions only.
Tentative itinerary is subject to change.


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