Participants in Midreshet Lindenbaum‘s Hadas Torah/Army Program marked the end of a grueling IDF course at the Uvda Air Force Base with a siyyum of two Talmudic tractates: Brachot and Chagiga.
Click here to read the article on the Walla! News site (in Hebrew; English translation below). 

בסיום טקס צבאי שהתקיים בבסיס “עובדה” לרגל גמר הקורס, מצאו חיילות “הדס” ממדרשת לינדנבאום דרך מקורית לציין את הארוע: סיום מסכתות ברכות וחגיגה

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English translation:
At the end of a military ceremony held at the Uvda Israeli Air Force base on the occasion of completion of a course, religious female soldiers found an original way to mark the occasion: A Siyyum of tractates Brachot and Chagiga.
We are used to seeing men and women soldiers celebrating the conclusion of various military courses with parties, but this time participants in a military graduation ceremony at the Uvda base rubbed their eyes in disbelief. Not only because religious women soldiers are standing proudly with them at the end of the course, but because of the way in which they chose to mark the end: with a siyyum of Talmudic tractates.
Midreshet Lindenbaum students from Ohr Torah Stone completed their services within the framework of “Hadas” – a program that involves a year of Torah study followed by two years of military service in the Education Corps, Intelligence Corps or Air Force. As mentioned, the girls chose to mark the end of the course in an original and unique way: a siyyum of tractates Brachot and Chagiga. During their training, the soldiers were visited every two weeks by program director Rabbi Ohad Tehar Lev, who also attended the graduation ceremony this week and congratulated the young women with a blessing:”If you continue this way, you will be guaranteed a future of blessing (a play on “brachot,” the name of the first tractate) and celebration (the name of the second completed tractate, “chagiga“).
Rabbi Tehar Lev also noted that this is not the first time his students marked a course graduation by completing a tractate of Talmud. “This reality is proof that religious women who enlist into the army continue to maintain their world and religious beliefs. You are sanctifying G-d’s name by setting times for Torah study in the middle of your military service,” he said.


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