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Have a connection in Frankfurt?  Now you won’t go hungry!

 Good news for travelers flying through the Frankfurt airport:  a new vending machine for kosher food, next to the El Al desk

Kipa News | 29 October, 2019

Frankfurt airport is one of the busiest in the world with tens of thousands of flights per month, 70 million passengers per year, as well as many cargo flights.   The airport is one of the major hubs for connecting flights, and passengers spend many hours waiting for their next flight.  To date, this has posed a problem for kosher-observing Jewish passengers who had no access to kosher food in the airport.

kosher vending machine Now, thanks to the initiative of Rabbi Avichai Appel, an emissary of OTS’s Straus-Amiel training and placement program, a kosher vending machine is available in the Frankfurt airport at Terminal 1, in the C hall between the El Al check-in desk and Lufthansa passport control.  Passengers can already buy snacks such as Bamba and Bisli, and will soon be able to buy prepared sandwiches, so that they won’t go hungry while awaiting their next flight.

The products available in the vending machine have various hechsherim and all are under the supervision of Rabbi Appel, the Chief Rabbi of Frankfurt.

Rabbi Appel: “I am pleased to say that, thank God, after two years of hard work in conjunction with Mr. Mayer, the representative of the company that operates the Frankfurt airport, we have managed to realize our dream of a social, interfaith project making kosher food available for the many passengers passing through the airport. 

“The airport management is very conscious of passengers’ needs and understood the importance of making kosher food available.  At this time, the vending machine is also a symbol of Jewish life in the public sphere, as well as a call for co-existence in the country with mutual respect among nations and religions. In fact, Muslim passengers have also shown interest in the kosher food.  The machine is located just a few meters away from one of the three Jewish prayer rooms in Frankfurt airport.”

Read this article in Hebrew on the Kipa News website


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