Following the recent terror events in the region, approximately 2,000 youth from Gush Etzion formed a human chain this morning with the help and cooperation of the Gush Etzion Community Council. The human chain, which began at Gush Etzion Junction and ended at Kibbutz Kfar Etzion, passed by the bus station where Dalia Lemkus hy”d was murdered last week, as well as the station from where the three boys Eyal, Gil-ad and Naftali hy”d were kidnapped in June.
The project was initiated by 11th graders at the OTS Neveh Channah high school, and also included the six other high schools in Gush Etzion: OTS Neveh Shmuel, OTS Oriya, OTS Derech Avot, Makor Chaim, Ulpanat Rosh Tzurim and Orot Yehuda.
In the words of the project coordinators: “Gush Etzion is our home, and we will not allow terrorist incidents to disrupt our daily routine. These bus stops are an important transportation artery for us and they are necessary to conduct our everyday lives. We recruited the students from all seven high schools in the Gush for the day after the Lemkus family got up from shiva, in order to show unity and solidarity. The project is not a protest, and we are not trying to make a political statement. Our goal is to strengthen our feelings of unity; our motto is: “Our hearts will continue to beat as one.'”
(Photos: Rabbi Ronen Ben David, Roi Cohen, Meir Elipur, Moriah Glick)


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