Ice cream truck keeps Efrat school connected with students

Ice cream truck keeps Efrat school connected with students

Ohr Torah Stone Derech Avot Yeshiva High School rents ice cream truck in a unique effort to stay connected with students during the pandemic

Yoni Kempinski , Nov 27 , 2020

With some grades still closed, forcing students and educators to rely on distance learning, one school in Efrat found a unique way to stay connected with students – renting an ice cream truck to delivery frozen treats – and impromptu study meetings.

Rabbi Yoni Hollander, principal of Ohr Torah Stone’s Derech Avot Yeshiva High School in Efrat, spoke with Arutz Sheva about the school’s recent ice cream drive for students.

“As children, we all have sweet memories from the ice cream vans that used to stop by our houses in different neighborhoods. When we heard that they still exist, we thought that it would be a very good opportunity to go around Efrat and Gush Etzion and to coordinate with our students for them to come.”

“We were happy to give them the ice cream, then we studied with them. It was a very nice day.”

What is the message with this?

“That we miss them and want to see them. And the way we want to see them is with a smile. We know that it is difficult. It’s difficult for us as adults, but it’s much more difficult for them. The way we can show our empathy and our caring is by coming with a smile. Then after we met, we studied together.”

What’s next for the school and the students?

“Grades 11 and 12 are probably coming back in a few days. Hopefully the government will decide on the return of all of them, or at least all of them for a few days.”

“We have hopes, and until them we’ll continue doing Zoom and distance learning.”

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