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Last Second Delivery Spares Get from Hurricane Floods and Frees Trapped Woman

M.’s husband fled years ago to the U.S. and refused to grant her a divorce • Last week he finally complied with the demands • In an unusual operation by the Yad La’isha organization, the divorce was transferred to Israel; hours later the apartment where the document was located was flooded by the hurricane: “It was a miracle, who knows if the document would not have been washed away” • Now M has been released from her chains

By Chanan Greenwood | 5 September, 2021

Last weekend, as residents of the New York region prepared for Hurricane Ida which left extensive flooding and casualties, a drama was taking place in the city surrounding the case of a man who had been refusing his wife a get for the past 13 years.

On Tuesday, Ohr Torah Stone’s Yad La’isha Legal Aid Center for Agunot received word that M’s get was written in Brooklyn. M’s was a particularly difficult case of get-abuse where the husband had fled to the US, and after 13 years, it was difficult to be optimistic about resolution.  Yad La’isha therefore decided to make every effort to have the get sent to Israel immediately, so that it could reach M before the onset of Rosh Hashana.

With the holiday quickly approaching and knowing that there was limited time to get the document from New York to Israel, Yad La’isha posted a message in a relevant WhatsApp forum. In a matter of minutes, they were overwhelmed with numerous messages from people who were prepared to help, but who would only be travelling in the coming weeks.

But then one man named Isaac reported that he would be landing in Israel before the weekend.  He declared that he would do whatever was necessary to make sure the get arrived in time, because he appreciated that it is critical to do whatever one can to help release an aguna. He picked up the envelope and the get began its journey towards Israel.

Just hours later Hurricane Ida hit.  The very apartment where the get had been stored prior to being picked up for delivery was flooded.  “It’s a real miracle that the get was picked up before the storm hit or there’s a good chance it would have been destroyed in the flood,” said Isaac.

The document reached Israel that Friday, and on Sunday morning (September 5th) was formally presented to M in the rabbinical court, accompanied by Moriah Dayan and Devorah Brisk, her advocates from Yad La’isha. M can now enter Rosh Hashana as a free woman.

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