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Gush Etzion 19-Year-Old Completes Shas for Second Time

Just before he enlists in the IDF, Nadav Talker intends to continue allocating time to study Torah every day, and even to cover the Shas for the third time

Nadav Talker
Nadav Talker at his siyum Shas

There was great excitement at Ohr Torah Stone’s Robert M. Beren Machanaim Hesder Yeshiva in Gush Etzion this week as 19-year-old Nadav Talker, a first-year student, completed the Shas for the second time, despite his young age.
Nadav’s journey to study the Shas began when he was a 10th grade student at Neveh Shmuel yeshiva high school, also part of the Ohr Torah Stone educational network. “It all began when I was in junior high, at a special ceremony the school held in Jerusalem in honor of students in my year who completed tractate Megilla,” Nadav relates. “During the event, Israel’s Chief Rabbi, Rabbi David Lau, suggested that everyone commit to completing a tractate, and I decided to commit to Bava Metzia, one of the longer tractates in the Shas.”
The journey was not easy, and Nadav relates that he even gave up a few times. However, towards the end of junior high he decided he had to fulfill the obligation he had committed to. “I began investing three hours a day, completing four or five pages, until I managed to complete the tractate. At the end I decided that if I had managed to invest so much time up to now, there was no reason I couldn’t complete the entire Shas that way, and that’s what happened.”
After beginning his first-year studies at Machanaim, Nadav decided to return to the Shas, resuming his studies at the beginning of Zman Elul last year. “At the first siyum, many people congratulated me, adding that they hoped I would have the privilege of completing the Shas again, so I decided to accept it as a commitment,” he says. “I studied during every moment that wasn’t part of the regular study schedule, and there were also many hours of study at night after evening classes.” This week, as mentioned, his efforts paid off and he completed the Shas.  Another student has already followed his example – Achiya Greenblum, a 12th grade student at Neveh Shmuel high school yeshiva, also completed the Shas this month. In accordance with Ohr Torah Stone custom, both young men were presented with a set of Shas from Rabbi Dr. Kenneth Brander, President and Rosh HaYeshiva of the network, as a token of esteem.
Rabbi Brander giving shas to Achiya Greenblum
Achiya Greenblum, 12th grader at OTS’s Neveh Shmuel, receives a set of Shas from OTS President and Rosh HaYeshiva Rabbi Kenneth Brander

“This time around I invested not only in the study of the gemara, but also in summarizing the halachot according to their order in the Shulchan Aruch,” says Nadav excitedly. “Thank God, I was able to finish the task and complete the Shas for the second time, although I still haven’t fully absorbed it the unbelievable privilege. It was especially wonderful to see how much I still remembered from the first round.”
As he prepares for his upcoming service in an elite IDF unit, Nadav intends to continue setting aside time for Torah every single day, despite the demanding schedule, and with the grace of God hopes to complete Shas for a third time, perhaps with his future wife.
Machanaim’s rosh yeshiva, Rabbi Shlomo Vilk, says: “It is hard for us to take at face value the idea that the Torah ‘protects and saves’ from injury and disaster. However, it protects life lived with meaning, the quality of life, humanity, and the work of God. Nadav is the best example of this, in his conduct, his humility, his contribution to his friends, and his devotion to the Torah and mitzvot.”
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