NSN logoOTS President and Rosh HaYeshiva Rabbi Kenneth Brander joined Nachum Segal on NSN’s “JM in the AM” radio show on May 15th.

Rabbi Brander updated Nachum on the plethora of OTS activities which are making an indelible impact on Jewish communities in Israel and around the world, including OTS’s innovative initiatives on behalf of unaffiliated Jews; efforts on behalf of our religious IDF soldiers; how OTS is helping agunot; what we are doing in the realm of conversion; and more. 

Additionally, Rabbi Brander shared a brand new initiative upon which OTS has just embarked: the writing of a sefer Torah to honor OTS founder and chancellor emeritus, Rabbi Shlomo Riskin. For more information about that initiative: www.RavRiskinSeferTorah.com 


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