Darkaynu in the Jerusalem PostKol dichfin, kol ditzrich’: All with special needs

Participants of ‘Darkaynu’ post-high school program may have special needs, not needy; full participants this Seder.

At the elongated study desk, the two young women are discussing Passover and the Haggada, the text read at the Passover Seder. “Why is so much of the Haggada written in Aramaic and not Hebrew?” asks one. Her study partner isn’t sure, and flips through the commentaries in the book they’re both using. They think of examples in Aramaic. “ Ha lahma anya – this is the bread of affliction,” says one of them.
I can’t help thinking of the words “ kol dichfin, kol ditzrich ” – the poignant “All who are hungry, come in and eat; all who are needy come in and make Passover” that is read in the same passage… Click to read full article



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