Post-IDF soldiers embark on journey to lead Yom Ha’atzmaut events in the Diaspora

The initiative will send a group of young men and women who have recently completed military or national service for a week-long immersion in diaspora communities worldwide.

sayeret Amiel
Tens of young Israeli men and women; post IDF soldiers or national service volunteers have flown to Jewish communities around the world in order to participate in Yom Ha’atzmaut events, as representatives of the State of Israel.
With the goal of introducing more young people from the Religious Zionist community to the importance of ‘shlichut,’ emissary work, in Jewish communities across the world, the Israeli-based Beren-Amiel and Straus-Amiel Emissary Institutes from the Ohr Torah Stone educational network have launched its “Amiel Cadets” program.
The initiative will send a group of young men and women who have recently completed military or national service for a week-long immersion, volunteering in Jewish communities throughout the Diaspora, where they will serve alongside current emissaries and learn about the unique challenges and opportunities that shlichut offers.
“We know that working as emissaries around the world has a uniquely positive impact on the Diaspora, but also on the establishment of more positive bonds with Israel,” explains Rabbi Eliyahu Birnbaum, Director of the Beren-Amiel and Straus-Amiel Emissary Institutes. “The goal of the Amiel Cadets program is to expose the next generation of Israelis to both the importance and the rewards of going beyond our borders to impact on our national future.”
The first group of cadets will depart Israel in advance of Yom Haatzmaut-Israel Independence Day and be serving in several worldwide communities where the Institute’s graduates already serve in the field, such as Manchester and Liverpool in the UK, Bern, Switzerland, Krakow, Poland and Tallin, Estonia.
In addition to working alongside communal leaders, the cadets will be given the chance to visit local attractions and appreciate the experience of other cultures and environments. “Even in this short amount of time, we know that these cadets will be able to understand the importance of emissaries in the modern Jewish and Zionist experience and also come back to Israel energized and motivated to encourage others to follow suit,” Birnbaum added.

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