Longtime Jerusalem aguna freed by Yad L’isha advocates

SL and Moriah

Jerusalem’s A., a Yad L’isha client, was a single, successful professional before meeting a charming man, falling in love and marrying him. Very quickly the ‘charming man’ turned into a controlling manipulator who – over the course of ten years –stripped A of all confidence and turned her into a helpless victim. A’s husband forbade her from working outside of the home. He controlled the family’s purse, determined which foods they would eat, and what she could buy for herself and their son. He even checked the electric meter when he came home from work every day to see how much electricity she had used; if it was “too much,” he cursed, belittled and mistreated her.

The abuse was uncovered by a state social worker in whom the couple’s son confided, and led to a long process in which A was able to gather enough strength to leave. She was referred to Yad L’isha, and was finally freed from chains on Thursday, January 30th, 2014, by Yad L’isha staff advocate Moriah Dayan, who provided her with expert representation in the religious courts.

Thanks to the legal and emotional support from Yad L’isha, A is now able to begin taking the first steps toward getting her life back on track. We wish her much success and strength as she navigates this new chapter in her life as a free woman!

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