Mayor of Carmiel blesses new students

Mayor of Carmiel blesses new students

Rav Lederberg and the mayorMayor of the city of Carmiel, Moshe Koninski, made a point of visiting both OTS institutions in his city at the beginning of the school year. 

Addressing new students and their parents at both the Midreshet Lindenbaum – “Matat” branch and at the OTS Metivta yeshiva, the mayor spoke of how excited he was to have – in total – 92 young men and women whom he referred to as the “salt of the earth on the forefront of Zionism.”

Mayor Koninsky addreses parents and studentsAt the Metivta launch, the mayor noted the high caliber of the young men and applauded the impact they make upon Carmiel’s social fabric through their integrative volunteering work and communal involvement.  He invited the students to return and settle after their IDF service to continue their pioneering spirit.

As Metivta enters its third year, it counts amongst its 36 pre-military students young men from Jerusalem and Gush Etzion, Beit Shemesh, Shoham, Raanana, Maaleh Michmash, Nechusha and Moreshet.  An additional 24 students are currently in the IDF, serving in elite units like Shayetet 13, Egoz, Maglan, Yahalom as well as in the Armored Corps, Nachal and the Border Police.  

In addition, the program was joined this year by nine post-IDF students who, upon finishing their service, chose to immerse themselves in full time learning after hearing about the unique nature of the Metivta program. 

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