M’Dor L’Dor – from generation to generation

parents week 2020 7In what has become an annual tradition, Midreshet Lindenbaum‘s Maria and Joel Finkle Overseas Program welcomed students’ family members into their daughters’ world for Parents Week.  Moms and Dads joined the Lindenbaum community for dinners, classes, and tiyulim – excursions –  including a special tour of Jerusalem’s Old City with Rabbi Dr. Kenneth Brander, OTS President and Rosh haYeshiva as their tour guide.

The last day featured a panel called “m’dor l’dor  – from generation to generation,” in which Becky Katz (mother of current student Michal) and Dalia Kay (Lara’s mother) joined Rabbaniot Sally Mayer and Dena Freundlich to reflect on Torah learning and religious inspiration past and present. There were many thoughtful questions and much food for thought.  Then the students were off to spend Shabbat with their teachers in Efrat , enjoying meals at their teachers’ homes and learning from a number of inspirational figures including OTS founder, chancellor emeritus and Rosh HaYeshiva Rabbi Shlomo Riskin. parents week 2020 8


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