Adi and Aviv Abebe
Englewood, New Jersey

Adi and Aviv Abebe have been working as educators in the Ben Porat Yosef school for the past year and a half; Adi teaches Hebrew and serves as social coordinator for the middle school, while her husband Aviv teaches limmudei kodesh – religious subjects. 


Amitai – 5
Avishag – 3

Tell us about the community you’re in:
Ben Porat Yosef School (“BPY”) in Paramus, New Jersey, holds the combination of Ashkenazi and Sephardic traditions as an ideal. The school community is warm, cohesive and very connected to the Land of Israel, so the connection of the shlichim to the community is strong and reciprocal.

What did you receive from the Beren-Amiel Educational Emissary Training Progam and the Claudia Cohen Women Educator Institute? 
The Beren-Amiel and Claudia Cohen institutes instilled within us a loving and respectful approach toward every Jew wherever he or she is physically and spiritually; preparation for dealing with various conflicts while on shlichut; and of course good friends for the journey…

What message would you like to impart regarding shlichut?
We went out to get to know and connect with our people, and we found ourselves along the way – with additional strengths that God planted in us and of which we weren’t even aware.


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