Meet the Shlichim: Ahava and Shlomo Schachter

Ahava and Shlomo Schachter
Champaign, Illinois

Rabbi Shlomo and Ahava Zarembski Schachter have been serving as the campus rabbinical couple at the University of Chicago, Champaign, for the past four years. 

Ahava and Shlomo Schachter

Tzedeka – 14
Meshulam – 3
Netzach – 1.5

Tell us about the position you’re in:
The Jewish community in the city is built mainly on Jewish students studying at the university. It is estimated that there are about 4,000 Jewish students. In addition to them there is a small Reform community.  Our role is to empower Judaism and care for the well-being of students (on the physical, mental and spiritual level) within the framework of Hillel. Our job includes many hours of study (memberships and classes), concern for the existence of  a minyan, and responsibility for kashrut and hospitality. We have even been able to build an eruv and maintain it on a weekly basis.

What did you receive from the Straus-Amiel Educational Emissary Training Progam and the Claudia Cohen Women Educator Institute? 
Lots of support, and an understanding of the needs of Diaspora Jewish communities.

What message would you like to impart regarding shlichut?
American Jewry is completely different. There is a broad trend, especially within the campuses and Hillel to connect to Jewish identity mainly around Israeli identity and not around Torah identity.

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