Eliya and Oded Pe’er

Lower Merion, Philadelphia, USA

Eliya and Oded Pe’er have been serving the Lower Merion community as educational emissaries and Bnei Akiva shlichim for for the past two and a half years


Ori – 12
Yedidya – 11
Dvir – 8
Benaya -6
Lavie – 2

Tell us about the position you’re in:
Elia and Oded teach Hebrew, Bible, Gemara and Halacha at Yeshivat Kohelet High School near Philadelphia, coordinate the activities of Bnei Akiva in the Lower Merion community and are responsible for the field of Israeli studies.

What did you receive from the Beren-Amiel Educational Emissary Training Progam and the Claudia Cohen Women Educator Institute? 
We gained significant working tools such as how to speak in front of an audience, we were able to enter the mental state of emissaries before leaving, and we received an in-depth acquaintance with Klal Yisrael in the Diaspora, a world we did not know so well before.

What message would you like to impart regarding shlichut?
One of the most important things we have learned as emissaries is to always seek what unifies people and to do everything possible to strike down prejudice – especially during times of difficulty such as Covid or tensions such as elections.


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