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Shiran and Yoni Dreyer
Omaha, Nebraska

Yoni is a community emissary and the assistant rabbi at Kehillat Beit Yisrael; Shiran is a teacher of Judaism and Hebrew at the community’s school. The couple has been on shlichut for nearly a year.

Dreyet scaled

Tchiya – 7
Eitan – 5
Lavie – 4
Ori – 10 months

Tell us about the community you’re in:

The roles are very intense and full of action. Whether in the community or at school, we strive to work as a family, to help with whatever is needed and strive to bring good things. The Jewish community here is very small and even the smallest exposure to Hebrew and Judaism provides a lot. Baruch Hashem, we feel that our shlichut is very meaningful. 

What did you receive from the Straus-Amiel Rabbinical Emissary Training Progam and the Claudia Cohen Women Educator Institute? 

From the emissary training programs we were prepared practically and mentally in ways that help us here every single day. We learned about the Jewish world and received tools to deal with complexities, halakhic questions, difficult situations and more.

In addition, knowing that we have the support and backing of an entire organization in Israel, and an attentive ear at any time, is very strengthening and gives us the power to do our work. We continue to gain advice and ideas from the staff and our former classmates, even while we are out in the field, and the knowledge that there are others all over the world in similar situations also gives us strength.

Every Jews has a spark. The shaliach has the ability to fan the flame within and bring him or her closer to Judaism and Israel. One never knows which exact action will be the one to bring them closer.

The Corona period is very challenging, but actually, because of the situation we managed to reach a lot of people who we possibly would not have been able to reach during regular times.

What message would you like to impart regarding shlichut

Always think outside the box, be creative, know what the goal is and don’t be afraid of difficulties. And do not believe those who say “it won’t work”.


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