Meet the WIHL Fellows: Rabbanit Avigayil Unterberg Nouriel

Meet Rabbanit Avigayil Unterberg Nouriel, a second year fellow in the Susi Bradfield Women’s Institute of Halakhic Leadership (WIHL).

Unterberg Nouriel made aliya as a young girl with her family from Cleveland, Ohio. Today, she lives in Jerusalem with her husband, Yoni, and their two children Ilan and Shaked.

Before coming to the WIHL, Unterberg Nouriel Studied Tanach and Political Science at Bar Ilan University.

“I chose to study at the WIHL because I feel it is my place,” she says. “It has always been clear to me that I will find myself in the worlds of Torah and leadership. I think that the future of Am Yisrael is in the leadership of women and men who believe that the Torah is the heritage of the entire People of Israel, and who strive to create a world in which Torah and halakha are relevant to all the People of Israel.”

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