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Meet Rabbanit Elisheva Brauner who just completed her first year as a fellow in the Susi Bradfield Women’s Institute of Halakhic Leadership (WIHL).

Brauner, who has a degree in Jewish Education from Toronto University and studied in a variety of Torah frameworks now lives in Jerusalem with her husband Asher and her children Ami and Shalva.

“I’m often asked questions and receive requests for halakhic and life guidance by women and men of different ages, of different stages of life, and coming from different Jewish backgrounds. I wanted to be able to help them and others in a better way, while also increasing my own efforts to “build and be built” in Israel and the Jewish world.

This is why I chose to study at the WIHL; it’s an encouraging and challenging program, a place where I can broaden my horizons; a place where I can receive inspiration and learn from a group of female colleagues with different perspectives who have diverse and impressive experiences. At the WIHL I continue to develop tools and skills in learning, in halakhic thinking, and in leadership, where experienced, knowledgable and sensitive rabbis and rabbaniot with broad shoulders in halakha and an attentiveness to the world teach and guide us.”


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