Meet Idit Mevorach-Shaag, who just finished her third year as a Fellow in the Susi Bradfield Women’s Institute of Halakhic Leadership (WIHL).

Mevorach-Shaag lives in Jerusalem; she is married to Yair and a mother to Shachar. She possesses a BA degree in Politics and Governance from the University of Ben Gurion.

It is difficult to relate the importance of studying halakha in our generation, but Mevorach-Shaag explains it clearly and articulately:

“I chose to study at the WIHL in order to deepen and expand my halakhic knowledge, to learn the language of halakha to acquire the working tools needed to rule on matters of Jewish law. The halakha is the voice of God in the world, and in order to acquire a closeness to God one must understand the language.

The world in which we live needs Talmidei and Talmidot Chakhamim, men and women who know how to bridge the gap between the halakha as it has been decided over the generations, and the reality of our lives. On the one hand to live this ongoing tension; and on the other hand to try to reduce it as much as possible, so that the relevance of the halakha as the way in which we serve Hashem remains the heritage of as many people as possible.”


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