Meet the WIHL Fellows: Rabbanit Moriah Taasan-Michaeli
Meet Rabbanit Moriah Taasan-Michaeli, a fourth year fellow in the Women’s Institute of Halakhic Leadership (WIHL). Moriah lives in Givat Harel, is married to Matan and is the mother of Neveh Eitan, Yinon Shalem, Shalheret Ariel, Tzion Ahava and Tuv Sharti. Before joining the WIHL, Moriah works in the field of politics and government.

“In seeking my place for significant and in-depth Torah study at this advanced stage of my life, it was clear to me that I was not prepared to compromise. I understood that I needed a place that would provide me with intensive and serious halakha learning, complemented by leadership studies.

“I have found all of this and more at the WIHL. And in addition, I have discovered a group of women who have become my home base, and the truest, deepest sense of belonging.”

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