Meet Rabbanit Shani Haddad, who has just completed her first year as a fellow in the Susi Bradfield Women’s Institute of Halakhic Leadership (WIHL). A native of Oregon, Shani now lives in Jerusalem with her husband Tal.

Although she previously worked in the field of Education, Shani decided to join the WIHL because of the deep connection between learning halakha and avodat Hashem:

“I chose to study at the WIHL because I felt a need to attain a background and deep understanding of halakha. Since the destruction of the Temple, we find Hashem within the daled amot (sphere of influence) of halakha, and I want to connect with that. With the tools and halakhic knowledge that I am acquiring, I also hope to be able to assist anyone who wants to get closer to Hashem and to help enable them to make a connection through the halakhic framework.”


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