Meet Rabbanit Yaffa Aranoff, is finishing her fourth year at the Susi Bradfield Women’s Institute of Halakhic Leadership (WIHL).

Aranoff is married to Rabbi Yedidya Sinclair; the couple lives in Jerusalem with their children. Prior to joining the WIHL, she worked as an English speechwriter and engaged in academic studies.

“The WIHL is the only program in which I can study intensively on a nearly full time basis with other serious women, where I feel privileged to be a link in the chain of the Torah which is thousands of years old. A program in which I receive both the knowledge and the tools which enable me to contribute my part to the perpetuation of Torah study and halakhic observance for generations.”

Like other fellows studying in the WIHL, Aranoff is eager to leave her mark on the Torah world, and we at the WIHL are excited to provide her with the home in which to do so.


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