Yonat Lemberger with the certificate of excellenceJust two weeks after making the Education Ministry’s “Outstanding School” list (along with three other OTS high schools), OTS’s  Oriya high school for girls won the Israeli Ministry of Education regional award for professionalism and success in attaining educational and pedagogic goals and innovation in methods of teaching and learning.

Yonat Lemberger, Oriya’s principal, said: “We believe that we can continue to grow evenwhile providing an answer for a diverse and heterogeneous student body with a wide range of interests, through a quality curriculum which provides each student an opportunity to choose the track that best suits her and enables her flourish. For this reason we have excellent frameworks of secular learning to challenge students with high academic capabilities alongside a beit midrash for students who wish to concentrate on Torah and exclusive bagruyot in Gemara, Mishna or Jewish Philosophy. In a different direction, we have unique programs integrating the arts with theoretical studies on topics relating to society, prayer, Shabbat and family.”

Posing with the certificate of excellence after the award ceremony“Oriya under the direction of Yonat Lemberger has attained revolutionary achievements in the communal and social pedagogic fields,” said Yinon Ahiman, Director General of OTS. Yonat has proven that it’s possible to cultivate a small, heterogeneous scholl and nurture it into the largest high school for girls in Gush Etzion, which leads not only in the absorption of students but also in the absorption of teachers.”


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