Alumni of Neveh Shmuel in the IDF

Ohr Torah Stone’s Yeshivat Neveh Shmuel, in Memory of Samuel Pinchas Ehrman was ranked this morning amongst the top ten schools in the country in terms of IDF recruitment, significant military service and percentage who go on to become officers.

Alumni of Neveh Shmuel in the IDF

“Ohr Torah Stone believes that alongside pedagogical excellence, it is imperative above all to implant within our students the values of ahavat Torah, adam v’haaretz – a love of Torah, mankind and the Land of Israel,” stated Rabbi Kenneth Brander, President and Rosh HaYeshiva. “To our great delight and pride, the percentages published today by the IDF Personnel Department, which come on the heels of our schools’ recent inclusion in the Education Ministry’s list of excellent schools, reinforce what we witness on a daily basis: our students are indeed being imbued by OTS’s stellar faculty and staff members with a true commitment to the Israeli country and people,” he said.

Alumni of Neveh Shmuel in the IDFNeveh Shmuel Principal, Brigade Commander (Res.) Chezi Zecharia remarked: “B’chol Darkecha Da’ehu – Acknowledge God in all your ways.  This is the way of a ‘ben Torah,’ a young man steeped in Torah, who’s heart is engraved with the desire to give of himself for the sake of his land and his country out of humility; to give without asking anything in return.

Neveh Shmuel alumna in IDF

As we build our students on the path of Torah and multidisciplinary studies in a developing world, we aspire to educate toward making a meaningful contribution to Israel on all levels and in all spheres.”

“Our students are the modern Maccabees,” added Rabbi Brander. “Especially in light of the launch of Operation Northern Shield this morning, we wish all of Israel’s soldiers, from all over the country, to serve in peace and to return home in peace.”




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