Neveh Shmuel Ranked in Top 20 High Schools in Israel

Neveh Shmuel Ranked in Top 20 High Schools in Israel

Each year, the Madlan Education Index publishes “The Top 20 High Schools in Israel” list, based on statistics from the Education Ministry combined with each schools’ location  and atmosphere.

This year, OTS’s Yeshivat Neveh Shmuel, named in memory of Samuel Pinchas Ehrman ranked #13 on the prestigious list after scoring 9.2 on the Madlan evaluation of educational achievements dropout rate (in Neveh Shmuel’s case, 0%), percentage of graduates matriculating with honors (34.3%), number of students taking the highest level of matriculation units in core subjects, and most popular academic tracks (in Neveh Shmuel’s case they’re Talmud, History and Physics).

Over and above the educational component, the Madlan index examines school environment, noting that at Yeshivat Neveh Shmuel, a high percentage of students maintain that their teachers genuinely care about their welfare both in and out of school; that they have experienced little to no physical violence during their high school career; and that classmates interact with one another with respect.

Founded in 1983, the first institution of the OTS network has also ranked amongst the top ten schools in the country in terms of IDF recruitment, significant military service and percentage who go on to become officers.  In addition, the yeshiva high school has been listed numerous times on the annual list of schools which excel in the social and academic realms and in the area of values.  Students of the yeshiva excel in subjects as diverse as the National Bible Quiz and the Odyssey national science program, and tens of alumni serve as leaders in Israel’s social and academic arenas.

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